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Features of Carrier Beacon

Your ultimate tool for finding, organizing, monitoring and contacting registered freight carriers all across the United States and parts of Canada. Our web-based platform allows you to manage your carriers in a safe and centralized tool.


Find information about any registered motor carrier in the United States and parts of Canada.


Ensure that all of your preferred motor carriers are maintaining a clean safety record.


Save carriers to your personal or team lists, for simplified organization and management.


Review your preferred carriers' latest safety and inspection events for questionable activity.

Stand out with Carrier Beacon

Our web-based software allows you to manage your carriers in a safe and centralized tool. See how Carrier Beacon can make a difference in your motor carrier management.

Mobile Friendly

Thanks to a fully responsive design, our platform is easy to use on your mobile device. Now you can look up carriers and manage them from anywhere - even on the go.

Regular Updates

All of our motor carrier data is updated on a regular basis, giving you current and reliable information about any registered carrier in our database.

Carrier Spotlights

Our platform is all about finding and recognizing excellent motor carriers. Learn about featured carriers on a weekly basis through our Carrier Spotlight.

Cloud Based

No need to install new programs or download new apps. Carrier Beacon runs in the cloud, so that you can access it from any device with a web browser.

Single Sign On

Our platform supports third-party logins, which means that you can quickly get started with a Google or Microsoft account. Additional providers are coming soon.

Safety Scores

Along with carrier information and safety data, our platform assigns an approximate safety score to any carrier with an inspection or crash history in the past two years.

Pricing with Carrier Beacon

We are constantly adding new features and functionality to the Carrier Beacon platform. Take advantage of the tools you need most by selecting a plan that is a good fit for you.

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Qualify carriers

Qualify your motor carriers with our carrier safety, inspection and reporting history

Organize carriers

Keep track of motor carriers over time by adding them to personal or team lists

Monitor carriers

Review all of your preferred motor carrier's safety standings in one place

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